Monday, August 17, 2009

The Random Hat.

I knitted this hat out of a collection of yarns that I spliced together.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reoccurring Purple Dream.

I knitted this scarf using alternate rows of a random dyed wool yarn that has a lovely color theme of mainly purples with some golds and some rusty browns and a super soft purple kid mohair yarn.
I will post this on Etsy soon.

Ulva Island.

While I was traveling around the South Island with my friend Sunny I finally made it down to Stewart Island. I had always wanted to go to Stewart Island and was so happy to be there. While at the information center the lady there recommended a trip over to Ulva Island. It was our last day on Stewart Island and we were booked on the ferry in the afternoon. So it was arranged that I would get the water taxi at 9am and return to Stewart Island at noon. I only had a short time there but I fell in love with this little island paradise. Ulva Island is a native bird sanctuary and the bird song that you can here is amazing. I loved every minute I spent exploring this island and was amazed by the native birds I was able to see up close. I saw wekas, saddlebacks, tomtits, a rifleman, stweart island robins, kaka, tuis bellbirds, fantails and New Zealand pigeons. Before I left Stewart Island I bought a DVD about Ulva Island called Primeval Paradise. I have this on my ipod so I can relive the magic of Ulva Island anythime. You can get the DVD from the cool gift shop on the way to Golden Bay, at the visitor center or at

The Good Life.

This is the scarf I knitted for grandma. I'm not sure why but it made me think of that TV program The Good Life...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

High Country Punjabi Scarf

I knitted this scarf using a natural brown wool yarn and a silk yarn made from recycled saris.

My Sisters Birthday Scarf.

I knitted this scarf for my sisters birthday with wool yarn, wool & silk boucle yarn and banana silk yarn.